Sierra 's Haven Is A Local Animal Shelter Essay

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Sierra’s Haven is a local animal shelter in Portsmouth, Ohio. It was opened in 2006, and has since saved the lives of over 10,000 animals. In 2016 alone, they have already saved 1,156 animals. Their objectives are as follows “Sierra 's Haven is a group of volunteers working together to help find safe, loving homes for adoptable pets. In our brief existence, we have made a difference in the lives of thousands of animals. Whether they were strays or animals needing medical attention. Sierra 's treated, spayed/neutered, and found them wonderful homes (“Sierra’s Haven”).” I chose to do my service project here because of my passion for animals. The shelter seemed to be well kept, and it is run mostly by volunteers. They are constantly accepting volunteers, before and after business hours. One major reason they are so willing to accept volunteers is because they want the animals to be familiar with interacting with humans. They told me that people are more likely to adopt an animal who has had more human interaction, as they are usually more friendly. I began to volunteer before the facility opened, and noticed that daily routine was to make sure all the cages and rooms were cleaned, and the animals were fed. The only animals kept here are cats and dogs. The job I was assigned was to clean the rooms where they keep the cats and kittens. One thing I noticed right away was how crowded these rooms seemed to be and the abundance of cats they had. While speaking to a worker, she…

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