Prescription Drugs

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Most Americans have routinely used one or more doctor prescribed drugs to help treat a disease, or an illness. In the doctor’s rush to complete his daily work he may quickly prescribe a medication without fully looking into the case or considering the harm it can cause. The doctor probably briefly mentioned some side effects and the patient might have half-heartedly listened, trusting the doctor and wanting a quick fix. However, what if taking this medication can cause damage to your baby, while you or your partner is pregnant, or might cause depressive thoughts?
What if it causes even more illness and pain? Drugs that have so many warnings and dangers might cause people to disagree with the use of them, but doctors still decide to prescribe
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The doctor will also request a blood test and assign an identification card. Also, because of the dangers while taking the drug, the FDA created a program, iPLEDGE, which anyone taking Accutane is required to register with. Women are prescribed two different birth controls to use while on isotretinoin. Each prescription is good for 30 days will no refills.
As an additional precaution, physicians schedule monthly appointments for women to come in and take a pregnancy test. The reading must be negative before refilling their prescription. A patient 's identification card must also be present to have a refill. According to
MedlinePlus, if a woman is pregnant while taking isotretinoin, or becomes pregnant, it can cause miscarriage, premature birth, or birth defects. The birth defects include: cleft palate, congenital heart defects, ear problems, eye problems, hydrocephalus, microcephaly, and small or missing thymus gland. Babies with mothers who were on isotretinoin while pregnant also show intellectual and growth disabilities later in their life. The FDA and iPLEDGE must be contacted if any woman becomes pregnant during their use of this medication. The amount of
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The dangerous drug’s side effects and risks are overlooked by doctors and physicians. Isotretinoin is prescribed to almost any case of acne, whether it is mild or severe. Contracts and programs will not stop women from forgetting their birth control or their monthly checkups. It may also help treat certain diseases, but it also has the potential to result in different diseases. The reports of suicide attempts and depression may be ignored by doctors, but families and patients do not forget. It is used to clear acne, but the acne comes back shortly after using it and most side effects are worse than having acne. Although isotretinoin can help scarring from acne on the face, it cannot remove the scars of attempted suicides. Any drug that has potential to kill a baby or cause permanent mental or physical damage, potential to create central nervous system disorders and depression, and cause

Grzegorzewski 6 numerous painful side effects worse than the illness it is treating should not be considered when trying to find a treatment. This drug should not be controversial, it should be banned. The only way to prevent the risk and dangers of isotretinoin is by eliminating it from the medical

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