Side Effects Of Corporal Punishment

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Corporal Punishment and Its Effects on Children

George Harbieh


Thesis statement: Anti-Social behaviors, health issues and psychological problems are three negative effects of the usage of corporal punishments in schools.
I. One of the side effects brought by corporal punishment is the strong tendencies of kids to cause anti social behaviors.
A. Bulling other classmates.
B. Violating humans rights.
C. Increasing racism.
D. Tending to lie and cheat.

II. Another negative effect of corporal punishment is the appearance of some health issues.
A. Worse academically performance.
B. Dangerous injuries.

III. Psychological problems are considered one of the
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The concept of corporal punishment is built on aggression and violence (Corporal Punishment, 2013). In addition ,the daily usage of this sort of punishments could create some bad habits which could push a kid to divert hostile acts toward other people such as bullying his classmates or even disrespecting his own parents(Corporal Punishment,2013). It is said that: “violence breeds violence”. The usage of this type of punishments on kids leads from early ages an understanding that violence is the only way to solve any problem, maintain order and thinking that powerful persons are the only ones who are capable to be violent in the direction of weak people(Banda,2006). Moreover, we can enumerate during the child‘s development many counter-productive behaviors like lying ,stealing and cheating as a result for the harsh sort of punishments he was victim of(Corporal Punishment,2013). Banda adds that corporal punishment could violate in a way humans rights. For example: when a child is always beaten at the time he says a word or do something ,he will think that he is not allowed to do what he want or express himself and that what could make him a person who violate others …show more content…
According to a study done by HRW/ACLU(2010)found that in countries in which corporal punishment is very used , students in schools show a low academic performance than those who banned this sort of punishments. For example: paddling frequently a student could make him disrespect his teacher and stop giving his explanation any attention what could make him hate the material and don’t study(HRW/ACLU,2010).According to the article entitled “Corporal Punishment” (2013) kids are not able to absorb the huge amount of pain and that what could lead to some injuries. As an example Youssef a 7 year old boy who was a victim of corporal punishment in his school suffered from Asperger’s syndrome. Moreover, such punishment would be considered as an obstacle to the development of a child body (Corporal Punishment,

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