Sickle Cell Disease : A Genetic Disorder Essay

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Sickle cell disease is a genetic disorder affects the shape of red blood cells. When the shape of red blood cells is changed, it is not able to move through blood vessels nearly as efficiently as red blood cells can in non sickle-cell people. Since these red blood cells can’t move through vessels efficiently, clotting will occur. People with sickle cell disease also have shorter life spans than those who have normal red blood cells. I found sickle cell disease interesting due to it having a high mortality rate, but the disease still being common in the population. Also, sickle cell heterozygous individuals have what is called a heterozygote advantage, which in itself is a pretty interesting concept. Also, sickle cell anemia is highly common in African American individuals, as many as one out of every three hundred and sixty-five are affected by sickle cell disease (1). Sickle cell disease is a recessive hereditary disorder. So what this means is that an individual would need two of the sickle-cell mutations in order to have their red blood cells take the sickle cell shape. So, since oxygen is no longer able to get to places as effectively, sickle cell disease may result in shorter lifespans. When a genetic trait can be fatal, it will typically be taken out of a population due to natural selection. However, since those who are heterozygous for this trait have what is called a heterozygote advantage. In order to be heterozygous an individual must have one normal and one…

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