Sibling Rivalry Research Paper

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Siblings can become the best of friends in the home. However, it is more common for them to fight each other. One moment they can be adoring to one another and the next moment they can seem to be the worst of enemies.

There is sibling rivalry as children grow and start competing for toys to attention and everything. Their needs also evolve as they reach different stages of development and affect their relationship with one another.

Sibling rivalry has been happening since biblical times like that of Joseph and his brothers - to the present Cinderella and her stepsisters.

There are many good siblings relationship in many homes, however, it is the sibling rivalry that really gets our attention.

Why is there sibling rivalry in the first
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Kindness is rooted in empathy, patience, forgiveness, and self-control, and these traits can be learned in the home by parents modeling them as they interact with one another, with neighbors and with their relatives. When spouses resolve their conflicts in a respectful, productive and peaceable manner, chances increase of the children also resolving their differences in the same manner. The opposite can happen if spouses shout at one another or slam doors and talk loudly in confronting one another.

Kindness can also be taught to children by showing them the bigger picture or an outside perspective of their behavior. Parents can guide their children's feelings and emotions towards considerate attitudes and behavior so they begin to see how their actions can affect others.

Help children to be mindful of others by discussing physical factors like hunger and tiredness that contribute to irritability and impulsiveness and which bring on the roughest times in sibling relationship.

Lastly, it is important to practice kindness as no one gets to be good at anything without practice. With kids being involved in doing acts of kindness within the family, or towards neighbors and especially those in need - these small acts of compassion and generosity will help transform them and the family into one where the kindness is the norm rather than the

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