Shoulderpod S2 Case Study

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Shoulderpod S2, all the smartphone rig you need
The Shoulderpod S2, the ”entry-level” professional handle-grip for smartphones, is all the rig you need… because it is modular and also because it is more than a handle-grip.
Designed to be modular, the Shoulderpod S2 is elegant, doesn't attract too much attention, does what it promises and… can be the base of your smartphone camera rig.
Modularity is the name of the game when it comes to the Shoulderpod S2 from the Spanish company Shoulderpod, based in Barcelona. I wrote here before about the product, but one thing is to write about it, the other to get the product and play with it. It felt a bit like having a new box of Lego bricks, because suddenly I found – or better, confirmed – what the
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While it is a handle-grip for a smartphone, it is more than that, really. It is a piece of design, a voyage of discovery that starts with the box. Unfolding the packet and opening it gives you a sense of the care taken on creating the product and packing everything. The handle-grip is a simple three part piece presented wrapped by protective foam. You’ve a clamp, a grip and a wrist-strap, very much like the original S1.
The clamp G1, which is made of an ABS polymer with metal inserts and rubber pads, is the same as the original, with the adjustable mechanism and rubber pads that allow it to fit virtually any mobile device. The difference, though is that the grip H1, which is bigger and makes it easier to hold the rig, is made of Sapeli wood, a nice touch that is complemented by the wrist-strap, W1, which is finished in genuine leather. Suddenly the S2 is more than a plastic thingie you carry around, it’s a piece of design that looks good and, as far as I can tell from trying it, works as
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In fact, Shoulderpod built the system in such a way that you can start with the S2 and grow all the way to the top of the line X1, a rig which I will refer to in another article. The S2 is the barebones, and it will be enough for most needs and for when you want to travel light. But if you want, for example, to use external sound and need a microphone, then the P2 short plate will allow to add a microphone to your rig and still have a pocketable solution. The P2 short plate can also be used for adding some extra light to your rig, in the shape of a small LED panel, with the Manfrotto Lumimuse being, probably, a good

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