Should We Legalize Euthanasia In Our Society?

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Should we legalize euthanasia in our society? This is a very complicated question that deals with human life and how much control can we have over it.
Euthanasia despite having its general un-appeal is supported by many people in society due to the fact that it gives us freedom in life. The individual is spared the misery of a disease that is incurable. The person will overcome the pain and torture leading to an inevitable death. Despite how it may seem like running away and not fighting. We must realize that many people face outcomes in which they suffer and are literally tortured until they die; cases such as various forms of cancer come to mind. In these cases the person knows the end is coming and all this pain and suffering will lead only
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Both religion and nature point to the idea that our human life has been decided for us and when we die is something we do not know and cannot know, because it is not in our control. It disrupts the balance of life and alters the world drastically. Think of all the people that will begin to die because this becomes legalized. The number of deaths increase and people will turn to euthanasia and no one will cling to hope or work toward another solution. To many people it is the easy way out and you give up the fight. Religion makes it clear to many people we live in a world where we will suffer and someone who does not want to face this and runs away is shunned and abandoned by God. Human life is meant to experience both happiness and unhappiness, we receive both pleasure and pain in life, to want to have one and not the other is immoral. Nature created this world for us to experience every type of emotion, which is what it means to live and truly be alive. Euthanasia takes away the person’s life not only in the physical sense but in every other sense as well. To many people this shows the people did not value their life and the time they were given. There is a common value to both sides of the issue and that is that we want people have freedom and control but we want people to be wise about their choice and only seek euthanasia in dire circumstances when there is no hope and only pain …show more content…
Euthanasia’s injection could have a cure that could be used within a couple of hours it was injected in order to reverse the hastened death. People supporting it want the freedom of choice and control, however, those who do not support it believe if you change your mind and want to live longer you are denied freedom and control. So this cure would change this perspective. There is also the issue of whether or not people really need euthanasia. For example people who are in the early stages of the disease experience minor pain, such pain is common to regular disease and it would be immoral of them to take their life. In order to avoid this we could allow euthanasia to be offered only when the patient is in their late stages of the disease and the pain and suffering is unlike anything people feel with regular diseases. Euthanasia restrictions ensure that people still value their lives and only turn to euthanasia when their life becomes a living hell. We could have people coming in to talk to the patient in detail about the act of euthanasia and what they have to consider before making this choice. This would overcome the common belief that people are either reckless in that they do not value their life or uneducated. The issue of religion is tough subject, it is something we cannot change but if people are given the true freedom of choice

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