Should We Donate Hygiene Supplies And So Clothing At Those Who Do Not Have A Lot

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We can donate hygiene supplies and even clothing to those who do not have a lot. This can prevent bullying. Fundraisers can be for student working on purchasing equipment for the school, sports team, and even the band. Activities such as, festivals and gardens can be the perfect opportunity for the community and parents to work with the students and getting to know them better. The students do a lot for the community and it is time to pay it forward if possible. “All forms of parent engagement, no matter how small they may seem, are beneficial for your students or program participants” (Royce, & Wooten, 2015, p.2).
Step Three: Resources are very important. Having the proper and the right amount of resources is important too. “Some of the most common resources are provided by governments and community groups and are essentially services; public schools are one of the most obvious entrants in this category, though things like after school classes and extracurricular activities are usually also included” (wise GEEK, 2003, p.1). The community and the school can come together as a team and create an after school care. After school care can be a place for students who need help with their homework or even allows the students to socialize with one another. A lot of parents work late so this can really help the parents out. Also, the parents will know that their child is in good hands and getting their homework done. The after school care will provide extra activities for…

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