Essay about Should We Control Our Environment?

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The problem At some point we need to control our environment as a whole. To accomplish this, it will be imperative that a method is implemented that will provide the necessary information to manage and administer material application in an environmentally efficient, beneficiary manner.

This approach is crucial to approaching environmental issues in a preemptive means as apposed to reactive.

A means by, Creating the ability to know the status of our environment in advance of creating situations that renders/depletes/contaminates it to a state where it becomes unusable or in need of major intervention.

We have to have the ability, technology to account for the current status. If it is a factor that is detrimental, correct the situation. By monitoring our resources and taking the correct steps to manage them. We can avert unforeseen problems, Plan and extrapolate a maintainable/correctable direction.

Hiding or head in the sand, is not a solution. Arguing over the possible outcomes, is not a solution. Waiting for someone else to tackle the issue, is not a solution.


The current status is that, until there is an issue of substantial impact there is little to no reporting of the situation.
If the condition is reported, by the time any action is taken, it probably is in it 's mature stages of development.

These issues may or may not be prominent now but in the near future, on our current course they will grow exponentially. With this knowledge alone we…

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