Essay on Should We Be Restraint Free?

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Companies who chose to be restraint-free actually are putting a higher risk of danger to their patients. They do this by leaning on chemical restraints with high numbers of death related to them. Their risk is not only affecting patient in the sense of chemical restraints but by attempting to use alternative that do not work, such as placing someone at the nursing station to be watched over applying a lap belt. Restraint-free companies also raise mental distress to the patient’s family and may even put them at risk. Imagine walking into a facility to visit a parent, who is sitting at the nursing station most of the day with nothing to do but watch people pass by. The first reaction is going to be to take them to their room. Once in the room patients will try to convince family members to help them with task such as using the bathroom. A simple task if it was not for the fact the patients legs give out, resulting in injury of the patient and the family member. Patients who are cognitively aware also at times can put their family members at risk, mostly commonly in result of emotions, such as anger for being placed into a long-term care facility can raise a dispute among family members. As well as dispute with roommates and nursing staff about the environment their living in. All these items can cause a patient distress and raise risk for showing aggressive behavior. In a comparative study done by Jason Matejkowski PhD who has gained his PhD from University of Pennsylvania in…

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