Should The United States Should Be Taught And Speak English Before They Attain Citizenship?

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Should the U.S. require people to learn and speak English before they attain citizenship? Jacob Stokes objects this idea and even argues this rule is at worst xenophobic and at best unfair. It is an essay that is written for communicating with people who pay attention to this issue and debating with supporters who may also be immigrants. The writer uses reasonable warrants in the piece, as he assumes that the audience has the awareness of this micro-debate, with general knowledge of relevant laws, as well as the scope of deeper issues concerning the interests of immigrants in the U.S..

The argument appeals to Logo by contradicting an opinion that newcomers learn English from participating in “mainstream” English-speaking society, while Ethos is established by an academic and credible tone with living examples, cruising data, and historical analysis. Furthermore, perhaps his piece outwardly looks more like a logical argument than a rant; however, it also draws on Pathos by descriptive visuals. Stokes, in fact, assumes that newcomers, to some extent, are vulnerable groups since some of them even are hard-working, doing the dirty jobs that most Americans refuse to do, which wins sympathy from audiences.

After taking an obvious stand, in the first paragraph, and immediately jokingly suggesting that newcomers should learn English for participating in “mainstream” English-speaking society, the author assumes that immigrants will prefer to live in linguistic ghettos with others…

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