Should The Uk Seek Greater Or Less Integration With The Eu Or Is The Status Quo Best?

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Adam Choquette Period 2 Nov. 6, 2015 AP Comparative Politics
Should the UK seek greater or less integration with the EU or is the status quo best? Leading up to the May Election of 2015, Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to propose a referendum on whether or not the UK should remain in the European Union prior to 2017. This issue is one which has secured support from parties such as the United Kingdom Independence Party and also a league of conservatives known as Eurosceptics. ¹Others, especially the Liberal Democrat Alliance, and the Labour party are not too keen on this referendum, which is supposed to gain the support of 40% of the British public according to a September opinion poll. ²The only referendum held prior to today was that of 1975, when the referendum failed. While many argue for an amicable divorce, this type of pick and choose relationship would simply not work, and ultimately lead to less sovereignty on behalf of the British. The fact that they would still be part of the free trade zone, yet just have no say affecting the policies further diminishes the sovereignty of the UK.

The economic benefits of staying in the EU cannot be ignored. When one has multiple options to buy consumer products, it is better off for the consumer as well as the free market model. ³The EU was founded on this very value of, “Ensuring that competition in the common market is not distorted” according to the 1957 Treaty of Rome. Greater competition allows for better…

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