Should The Pet Be A Humane Death? Essay

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This scenario is quite difficult because not only is it a human and animal bond but the pet has a connection to the males dead mother. So the male owner is not just saying goodbye to his pet but letting go of the final piece of his mother. I personally feel that this would be a sad situation to deal with, I myself would have trouble dealing with it if it where me. However if the pet was not in a good way I would lead the client into the decision making process delicately but ultimately allowing them to make the decision to euthanase the pet.

I would start by explaining what euthanasia actually means. That it is actually considered and translates to be a humane death. If you where to leave the pet in the state that it was in, it would be suffering in pain, not eating, losing weight and its organs would eventually begin to shut down. Furthermore if we don 't euthanase and the pet dies naturally it would not be a nice death, it would be a slow long process that is painful and stressful on both the pet and the owner. I would place an emphasis on how painless euthanasia really is, ensuring that it is done with the upmost care and that it is as stress-free as possible for the clients. Sometimes the best euthanasia is to euthanase the pet before symptoms of disease become serious.

I would go on to ask if they would like to know the process of euthanasia and explain the steps involved including placement of a catheter into the vein. Following this the first drug given is a…

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