Should The Death Penalty Be Used On Violent Criminals? Essay

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Should the Death Penalty be used on Violent Criminals? Death is a tragedy in any circumstance. There are people in the world who die from accidents, health problems, natural causes, and murder. The question has come about should the death penalty be used on criminals? There are many people in the world that are beyond crazy and commit the most violent and horrendous crimes. In society, the views on capital punishment by execution are smiled upon; simply because of how the murder of the victim was carried out, whether by a plan (deliberation/conspiracy), and or how deadly and brutal the tragedy was. In other cases in society, they follow the laws of the Bible from one of the Ten Commandments: “Thou shall not kill.” Christians in particular stand firm on this scripture, for it is breaking the law. Their belief is that if God forgives so should we and murder is not the solution. In my opinion, to remain on death row is expensive ,capital punishment has been barbaric over many years and innocent people have lost their lives, , and lastly, it goes against the laws of God. The death penalty goes back million of years ago. In the old days, executions did not cost. Over the thousands of years as time progressed and professions were being taken up, money started to become an issue, it costs millions and millions of dollars more than it does to let the condemned remain with a sentence of life without parole. Instead of spending the whole lot of those millions, that money could be…

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