Should Students Receive A Quality Education? Essay

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The average student goes to school from kindergarten through twelfth grade. That is, at least, approximately thirteen years of our lives devoted to primary and secondary schooling to prepare us for college and the world beyond. Therefore, students should get the most out of those thirteen years. Every student should be able to receive a quality education, an education that is meaningful and worthwhile. In order to reach and attain quality educations, it is necessary to have adequate funding available and emphasis on the right aspects of education.
In preschool, students learn through songs, finger painting, and making macaroni necklaces. This, in addition to life skills, teaches the concept of creativity. However, as students work their way up through grade school, their lessons and displays of creativity slowly decrease. In high school, most projects have strict guidelines that restrict our creative side. The question is how this truly helps the young people of our world. Creativity vanishes. Students are all pushed to become robot machines, racing to be the best and the brightest. The strict rules of all of the education standards erase the creative aspect out of us. These obligatory curriculum are all set so students have to learn a multitude of facts perceived as knowledge so then when they are tested, they can hopefully be deemed at least average. The effects on society and individuals that either do not perform well in school or drop out are very overwhelming.
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