Essay on Should Sports Be Banned?

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High school Sports
Playing a high school sport is very time consuming however, it can make a student pass with 2.0 GPA (2.7 GPA in certain schools) and also helps them socialize with their peers. Participating in a high school sport takes away a lot of your time but it is well worth it because it gets you out of the house, gets you in good condition, and can get you scholarships to colleges. There is a lot of arguments going on if sports in high school should be allowed or or banned because they say the sports take away learning time from the students and they also say in interferes with their education because of the concussions, injuries, away games, and so on. A debate had taken place on February of 2015 and was on "Should schools eliminate sports teams?" and one of the major facts talked about was "Sports are a huge part of the American high school experience. Last year, almost 8 million high school students participated in organized sports programs."(Ripely 1) The reason why the educational system is trying to cut down on sports because they say the school budget is very tight now.
Joining a high school sport is something I would recommend but the sports do have its pros and cons. There is plenty of dangers while playing a sport but that should never keep you from playing the game. While playing a sport an athlete has a high percentage of getting injured, minor fractures, pulled muscles, or even concussions. There is plenty of physical dangers while playing a sport No…

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