Should Smoking Be Banned Public Places? Essay

771 Words Mar 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
Medical research has shown that smoking not only harms the body of the smoker and can lead to unhealthy living, but can also harm Individuals around them. Smoke can reduce life by 9-10 years, especially when individuals light a cigarette and dont think of how it can harm the people around them. This addiction is a cause for Second-hand smoke, Bad odor, and it portrays a negative influence on society. Therefore, many people believe that smoking should be banned in public places. Although this argument could go either way, I believe that a ban would be more appropriate in the long run. Smoking around an individual can be more deadly to a person than actually smoking the cigarette itself. According to Surgeon General 's report "there have been more than 20 million smoking-related deaths in the United States since 1964, 2.5 million of those deaths were among non-smokers who died from exposure to secondhand smoke." In today 's society most people don 't realize how much second hand smoke can affect another person, and is almost as deadly as the cigarette itself. Women who get second hand smoke are more likely to get lung cancer than men. fuller exclaims that “Breast cancer gets a lot of press, but lung cancer kills twice as many women as breast cancer every year in this country.” This statement is interesting due to the many individuals who don 't realize how how dangerous smoke can be. Smoking around children can cause health problems such as: bronchitis,ear infections, lung…

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