Should Single Sex Schools Be Beneficial? Essay

838 Words Nov 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Co-ed Schooling is Better

In the year of 1972, the federal law made the best decision by making single-sex schools illegal by title IX. The reason for this was because the federal law prohibited sex discrimination in education, but recently this idea has been brought back. In Diana Urbina’s opinion single-sex schools are a good idea, in my opinion co-ed schools are more beneficial. Co-ed schools provide students the ability to learn their weaknesses, have better academic performance, and last but not least be prepared for the real world. One of the many reasons co-ed schools are beneficial is because they give their students the chance to see all the different views. In our world today we can all agree that females and males’ brains think differently. For Instance, if you ask a female“Is it important to maintain good grades?” then you ask a male the same question the answer is likely to vary. This raises the question “do single-sex schools provide both female and male views?” In my opinion, it cannot be proved because males think like males and females think like females. This doesn’t only apply to everyday life, but also to the students ' education. According to Wong Wing Yin Jennifer “the general trend is that boys excel in science subjects while girls shine in language and culture-related subjects”(1). This might not always be true, but in my experience it is. Throughout my high school, I was lucky enough to be in Puente and have the same students in my class…

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