Should Sex Education Be Taught? Essay

1413 Words Jan 23rd, 2016 6 Pages
Too many teenagers and young adults are uneducated about sexual behavior, abstinence, prevention of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, and what to do prior to a sexual experience. According to Chavous, in his article, as of January 1, 2015, 25 percent of sexually active people are between the ages 15 and 24, and 50 percent of that age group, has a sexually transmitted infection, in the United States. (Chavous) According to statistics, there is a lack of sex education in this country. Schools tend to skip teaching students where to go for contraceptives or where to go if they want to be tested for sexually transmitted infections. It is the 21st century, more and more adolescents are having sex. Sex education should be taught to all students in public schools. Schools should promote abstinence, but provide as much information about behaviors involving sexual activity and information about sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy, and lastly, information about how to prevent pregnancy and developing a sexually transmitted infection. Schools should have a sex education program because, students would look elsewhere to get educated in sex, and it may not always be correct information. According to Chavous, in the United States, it is known to have the highest rates in the world of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection diagnoses. (Chavous) Sex education provides knowledge of safety and structure to avoiding behaviors that are unsafe. They teach…

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