Essay On School Uniforms Should Be Mandatory In Schools

When one thinks of school uniforms, they may think of a dreary sea of children, all in dull, plain outfits, often resulting in the inability to differentiate one student from another. However, school uniforms have many benefits that can help make these institutions a better place for administrators, students, and even parents. School uniforms should be made mandatory due to their potential to be great timesavers for students and administrators, limit the rise of bullying and conflict among students, and allow students to be more focused on education and establishing a professional persona. By limiting time used in the mornings for students dressing up and administrators forced to address dress code issues, preventing bullying in schools based on status, and ultimately …show more content…
By saving time for students via the lack of outfit matching in the mornings and administrators in enforcing dress codes, uniforms would be a welcome addition to Canadian schools.
Another reason why uniforms should be made mandatory at schools is because uniforms limit differences between students and ultimately prevent bullying. When students are racing to dress the
“coolest”, kids who don 't conform to the norm are often ostracized. Bullying can be controlled to a considerable level through implementation of school uniform policy. Students who can’t afford fancy or designer clothing are often easy targets for bullying. Some students don’t place too much importance on how they dress and are careless towards what they should and shouldn’t wear at school; These exact children are the prime targets of bullying. If everyone wears the same thing, it creates a sense of unity and equality within the school. Uniforms play a vital role in reducing peer pressure and reduce bullying around schools. According to a national survey on, bullying decreases 30-50% when school based interventions such as uniforms are introduced into schools. Uniforms make children

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