Should Rape Cases Be Molested During The Military? Essay

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First off I want to say, that this was the hardest movie I have ever watched in my life, seeing what all those women and men had to go through was heartbreaking and knowing that when they were fighting their cases that I was in basic training. Thinking about it now, that this could have happened to me, I could have been one of the thousands of women who were sexually assaulted and still are being sexually assaulted in the Military. This movie was about women and men speaking out about what had happened to them in their time in service. All of these young men and women were sexually assaulted and nothing was done about it, their rapist were not prosecuted and many of them are still in the service today getting awards and getting promoted. One women in the film said, if rape cases ever came in they were never given to the women, the men always took those because we were too sympathetic (Wells, 2012). Women who have been raped in the Military have a PTSD rate higher than men who’ve been in combat (Kirby, 2012). The group of women in the movie go to Washington D.C. to hopefully get the law changed so that the commander is not allowed to be the deciding factor in the case. Even though the women can’t change what happened to them, they want to be able to make it known to other women so it doesn’t happen to them. Many of the young men in women in this film have contemplated suicide or have attempted it. Also in the movie it keeps up with one young women named Kori Cioco who…

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