Should Public School Single Sex Schools? Essay

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How does a student behavior differs from going to a single sex school compared to a unisex school? It has been debated for long time what is the for our kids. We want the best educations for our children and give them equal opportunity for the future. It has been debated before since the government gives funding to mixed schools and is not allowed to give funding to private single sex schools. If single sex school is better, should the government should a allow public schools to be single sexed. I found out from the study that instead of debating on single sex schools and mixed schools we should give more funding to the public school and give more students the attention they need.
Article I In the first study, they observe low-income and minority schools which are consisted of three all-boy and three all girl academies within California’s public system.(Hubbard, L., & Datnow, A., (2005))The research mostly focused on the teachers and their interaction with the students. The research mostly rely on the interview data and do not draw on observational data.The school national test score were 1.5 grades below of the average. The students were unwilling to do good in school and did not have the ability to change their life. Pregnancy was very likely to be another barrier in their education. The student population was very poor and 3:4 students required free lunches or reduced lunch. The suspension and dropout rate was high. They received $500,000 to operate single sex academics…

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