Should Professional Athletes Be Legal? Essay

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Have you ever felt the pressures of trying to fit in with the ever-changing trends and fads within your peer group? These pressures can be difficult enough to handle just within a small group of friends or a community, let alone the magnifying glass of the entire country and world. Many celebrities and professional athletes are subject to these scenarios every day of their lives by having their every move watched and every word listened to by millions. The pressures felt by these men and women include more than what brand of clothing they wear, what kind of car they drive, or what kind of food they eat; they have to be conscious of even the simplest day-to-day choices that they make including whom they are seen associating with or where or how they spend their free time. If, by some reason, one does not follow the “path” that his or her audience expects, there could be major implications on that person’s career. As a country, I believe that we are very guilty of forcing our standards upon those that we admire.
In the United States, we claim that we are proponents of the idea of free will. However, in the respect of societal pressures on our “A-Listers,” we heavily discourage this concept. This is painstakingly clear in the case of child celebrities (specifically, Miley Cyrus and her roles as Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana): While young, the American public sees the actress as the character she is portraying (which, in this case, is a typical beautiful, smart,…

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