Should Parents Get Vaccinations For Their Children? Essay

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Currently in the US, parents, teachers, and doctors are all at a loss when it comes to deciding whether or not it is an ethical decision to mandate vaccinations of young children. Some people believe it is against their religious freedom and parental rights to mandate vaccinations in young children, but then there is also the argument that it is unethical to opt out of vaccinations for a child because of the risk of infection of many death-causing illnesses that would harm the child. So is it ethical to mandate whether or not parents get vaccinations for their children?

Mass population vaccination movements began in the 19th century (Gullion, Public Health Nursing). Vaccinations made it possible to prevent potential death-causing illnesses, and the science department and government went hand in hand to make it possible for large amounts of people to have access to these vaccines. Since then, many diseases have been prevented and many lives have been extended because of the vaccinations, however some people feel that the US government is lying to the population about the safety and health risks involved in proceeding with the vaccination process. According to the CDC website, at least 5% of parents choose not to vaccinate their children (“Vaccination Coverage Rates and Data”). These people are called the antivaccinationists.

The first argument that the antivaccinationists provide is that the government does not fully explain the risks involved in…

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