Essay on Should Mushrooms Have A Future?

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Could mushrooms have a future in medicine? Antibiotics are an important part of western medicine, and are used to help cure people of many dangerous bacterial infections that could be fatal if not treated. The current antibiotics prescribed today are being overused and has created a major medical problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Antibiotic resistant bacteria are dangerous because current antibiotics can’t kill them and puts people at a higher risk of dying from infections. This issue has called for research into alternative antibiotics, and mushrooms have been identified as strong candidate for new antibiotics. This review paper will analyze the methods and results of four research papers on medical mushrooms antimicrobial effects to identify where research should continue.
The four studies included in this review are in vitro studies on mushrooms and their antibacterial properties all with considerably similar methodological designs. All of the studies dried and made concentrated extracts of the mushrooms to inoculate a bacteria or yeast culture (Barros et al., 2007; Chowdhury, Kubra, & Ahmed 2015; Hearst et al., 2009; Quereshi, Pandey, & Sandhu, 2010). This is where a few different techniques were used by the researches such as varying temperature for culturing bacteria or length in time to dry the mushroom. However, the overall methods used were similar and highly detailed therefore their methods could be evaluated and repeated in future studies. Next to…

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