Essay Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

1572 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 7 Pages
The Blunt Truth In today’s world you can go outside for a walk and you are bound to run into people who are smoking cigarettes, worst part is all those chemicals are burning off into the air we breath in which effects everyone around us. On the off chance that people have the capability to smoke chemicals that are terrible for the individual smoking, it additionally influences the world with the cigarette poisons being discharged onto the planet. Marijuana as well has many chemicals which aren’t yet proven to be safe. The thc in marijuana is being utilized by many doctors to treat patients. But as every product, everything has a couple defects. When smoking marijuana it does have some tar that is entered into your body and into your lungs. That is one of the many arguments people have over marijuana. Why should we allow a product that is a negative such as cigarettes and alcohol be sold into our markets? As of today, even our nation’s capital has legalized marijuana for recreational use followed by Colorado and Washington State. Every state alcohol and cigarettes are legal to buy at a certain age. By having marijuana being legal, we are just adding another dangerous product into the hands of our people.Smoking cigarettes in public is legal throughout the whole world, but not smoking marijuana. At least we are keeping it down to one product that is being smoked in public, it’s better than having two. The government should realize that by legalizing marijuana it will not…

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