Should Marijuana Be Legal? Essay example

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37,000 deaths a year. One might ask, “Deaths from what?”, and almost immediately assume that some kind of illegal drug was involved. Cannabis, more commonly known as marijuana, is an illegal drug that some may say causes harm, but it is not responsible for these deaths. In fact, alcohol is the cause of that large death rate, and that number does not even include alcohol related accidents. The CDC (U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has never had the need to create a category for marijuana related deaths, nor will it ever (Journal of Addictive Behaviors). They are just too rare to be calculated. With this being said there are still some dangers that come with the recreational use of marijuana, as it has been seen to create an opening that leads users to abuse other, various and more powerful and effective drugs, such as steroids or heroine. However, if cannabis is used in a professional manner that, instead of harming it, benefit one’s health, it has the potential to be the new medicine of this era. Although there are many individuals who solely see the dangers of cannabis use as a recreational drug, research proves it to be a safe drug as compared to other legal substances, revealing that it has an effective rate of pain relief, and has the potential to become a building block for the future of medicine; if it is used for medicinal purposes, cannabis should be legalized. Individuals seem to classify drugs such as marijuana and alcohol in the same category,…

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