Should Mandatory Voting Be Mandatory? Essay

1100 Words Mar 31st, 2015 null Page
Although compulsory voting has not been implemented in many democratic governments, those that have adopted its method show very high voter turn out. Since 1924, Australia has been a leading example of how efficient mandatory voting can be when implemented properly. Mandatory voting has many benefits that would not only aid the political system of ones country, but also countless other factors such as economics, foreign policy, and the general will of the people. Obama has even considered instituting this type of policy in the very free and democratic United States of America stating, “…mandatory voting would empower these groups and counteract the influence of big money in elections…”[Josephine Tovey]. With a compulsory voting law in place the public would be more inclined to become politically educated. One would care more about who is representing them in parliament; in turn elected candidates must become more responsive to the public and hold true to their promises in hopes of getting a majority vote in their favor.
Paying taxes and abiding by the call of jury duty are mandatory tasks in most governments. Voting easily fits into this category of compulsory duties as well. As a citizen in a democratic society one should take advantage of the fact that they may choose constituents to represent them in government so their voice may be heard. Nevertheless, in countries with voluntary voting policies, those of the legal voting age choose to become apathetic and uninvolved…

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