Essay about Should I Involve Myself More On Social Media?

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Should I involve myself more on Social Media? I recently was told from my friends that our friend, Ashley, was putting her wedding invites on Facebook and Twitter. I proceeded to explain how I think Ashley should email the invites out due to everyone not being on social media. I was saying this, because I wasn’t on those types of platforms. When I explained why I said that. They kindly informed me that I needed to get with the program. I get that on one hand, social media does help you connect better with family and friends. On the other hand, I don’t want to be brought into online drama. Or the negative thoughts that I could be subjected to. Many people accept that, in order to be “cool”, they must be involved with social media. But me saying no to being on those site made it seem like it was unproblematic, forming a positive lifestyle, and remembering to “smell the roses”. Staying focused and unabsorbed, were important to me in succeeding in life. For me as a teen, going into adulthood, these options were complicated. The reasons to stay uninvolved, could be my way to keep away from the falsities and conformity of the internet. “But what do I do?” I thought. I don’t want to be an anti-social, who fears the possibilities of social media. But is involving myself on to these sites beneficial? My mother has always been against social media. Born in 1980, she grew up when technology started to become extremely popular. Though throughout my childhood,…

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