Should Hate Speech and Hate Sites Be Banned from the Internet?

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Should hate speech and hate sites be banned from the Internet? |

1. Introduction
Internet can be termed as one of the most revolutionary inventions of the 21st century. However, just like any other thing in the world, it has its positive points and a dark side as well. Some users have made a productive use of this invention while others use it in a harmful manner. One of the most popular and convenient mode of researching nowadays, is to find the relevant information on the internet. But due to the everlasting cruelty in the world, some information on the internet can prove to be harmful for the respective person. It might be some content that gives inappropriate information or try to influence its viewers to go on the wrong path.
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3. Ways to Inhibit Hate Sites There are approximately 4 billion web pages on the internet therefore it is very difficult to ensure that no hate content is pated on them. There are different ways in which this problem is handled by different countries. For e.g. Media Awareness Network (2009) states that according to the Canadian Human Rights Act Section 13, any text communicated by any telecommunication means (including internet) that may promote hatred towards a person or any of the following things is prohibited;
1 Race
2 Nationality
3 Religion
4 Gender etc
Akdeniz et al (2008) stated that the Turkish governments are very sensitive about the hate content regarding their state and officials. They also take action against the hate sites promoting racism and terrorism. Whereas United Kingdom have a relaxed attitude towards racist content but are very alert about any hate content regarding their royalty.

4. Effects of Hate Sites on the Society
4.1 Effect on Children
Children of the modern age are also tech-savvy and explore the internet just like adult. Therefore they are liable to exposure to hate sites as much as we are. Children’s minds are like blank papers and form perception of things very easily. They tend to take effect of things more than adults. If they are exposed to such content, a degree of aggression and negativity is induced in their character. This negativity leads to a negative and hopeless

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