Should Guest Services Gets The Guest? Essay

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These is a good chance that the first-time guest is either going from church to church or does not have church as a top priority in their life. Therefore, it is important that guest services gets the guest’s information. The objective is to use the guest’s information to send them an email or to call them on Wednesday or Thursday. The goal of this call is to show them you (Who is you?) care, remind them about the church, and let them know about upcoming events that the church is holding. Hopefully, they will come to another service. If they do, the chance of them continuing to come back on a regular basis goes way up. Beyond this, a second-time guest ministry is something that is uncommon in the church, but shows the visitor or potential member that they are cared for. This ministry may equip guests with the ability to get involved or tell them about an upcoming member’s class if they would like this church to be their home. A few other ways that the church may want to reach out to a guest is by sending them a letter about a week after they came to church or send a letter from a pastor a month after they have visited. The goal for a church with the mission statement above is to direct each person to a life group. This is a group of people that will actively be in each other’s life. So, the rest of the assimilation process is completed through this group. However, the church should be most concerned with sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the guest. This is done…

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