Should Genetic Engineering Be Allowed

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In this essay, I will argue that we should allow for genetic engineering to be used in creating new children. However, we should limit our genetic engineering so that only genetic therapy should be allowed because of the great medical benefits genetic therapy brings about. I will compare genetic engineering to current types of therapy and will describe example situations that will further display that genetic therapy is permissible.
The fundamental differences between genetic therapy and genetic enhancement gives reason to why genetic therapy should be allowed and why genetic enhancement should not. Genetic therapy is defined as “the correction... of a disease through the addition and expression of genetic material that … corrects... genetic
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Similar to the example of Huntington’s Disease mentioned above, the idea of using genetic therapy as “the only hope of cure” (Gene Therapy, 207) applies to a variety of different diseases. For example, Meredith and Derek are expecting a child and both are carriers of the gene for sickle cell anemia. They want to make sure their child, Ellie, does not have this disease because the chances is very likely. Because there are safe and effective technologies available, the medical team should use genetic therapy and correct Ellie’s genetic makeup so that she does not have sickle cell anemia. By doing so, the doctor’s are doing the morally correct action because they are saving a life that can be saved. If the technology to cure a life threatening disease or disorder is available, then it should be used to save as many lives as possible. It is the obligation of our medical practitioners to be beneficent, or to help us when they the means to do so are available (A Principle Based Approach, 68). If we have the means to help someone, then we must do all that we can.
Alternately, situations in which genetic enhancement are used are less beneficial than genetic therapy. For example, Meredith and Derek are having another child and they hope that their soon to be child, Bailey, is tall with blue eyes because they believe that those characteristics will help the child’s self-esteem. They seek
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Having a disability means to have “a restriction… in performing an activity… considered normal for a human being” (Pharoah, 819). By saying that we should use genetic therapy to correct for disabilities, medical professionals are also saying that those living with those medical issues are living subpar. The medical model, the idea that disabilities are not good, “supports the correction of a biological condition through therapy…” and genetic therapy as well (Rulli). We should not say that the social consequences for people with disabilities that is created by using genetic therapy outweighs the medical benefits of genetic therapy for people who can treat their disabilities because, like in the medical model, health and medical issues should be the priority. The social model states that disability is only “bad for people in certain social contexts...” (Rulli) and we should not be seeking to correct these disabilities if the problems have already been fixed through other means. However, genetic therapy aims to fix medical issues. Disabilities are medical issues that deviate from the normal state of health, therefore genetic therapy should be allowed to treat such disabilities. The medical benefits of genetic therapy are much greater than the negative social effects created and this is why genetic therapy should be

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