Essay on Should Euthanasia Be Banned?

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Do humans control the way in which they enter into this world? Does the family who has a precious baby born with a disability have the authority to give the child back to his or her creator? Even more so, do the parents have the right to end the child’s life because they foresee the difficulties this child will face? No, they do not have those rights, and neither should anyone else have the right to end his or her life. Euthanasia is a procedure that should be banned from our society.
God controls life and death; no human should try and take this kind of power into his own hands. Playing God is not something that is morally correct; however, people do not want to die as a vegetable. They would like to die with dignity and euthanasia gives them this opportunity. The liberals view medical decisions as the expression of personal autonomy, but the bible says differently. Ecclesiastes 7:17 says, “Be not overly wicked, neither be a fool. Why should you die before your time?” According to the article “Death with Dignity”, physician assisted suicide should not be identified as euthanasia, suicide, or a right to die; however, physician assisted suicide is described as voluntary euthanasia, in which ‘a doctor intentionally kills a person by the administration of drugs’ in the article “Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted
Suicide in Dementia”. Do people in the world see this as morally correct? It is not. If it is illegal to murder someone, then why can Doctors help patients…

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