Should Content Validity Be Useful Or Irrelevant? Essay

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Content validity is often seen as a prerequisite to criterion validity, because it is a good indicator of whether the desired trait is measured. If elements of the test are irrelevant to the main construct, then they are measuring something else completely, creating potential bias. In addition, criterion validity derives quantitative correlations from test course. Content validity is qualitative in nature, and asks whether a specific element enhances or detracts from a test or research program. How is content validity is measured by using surveys and tests, each question is given to a panel of expert analysts, and they rate it. The analysts give their opinion about whether the question is essential, useful or irrelevant to measuring the construct under study. For example, a depression scale in which there is low content validity if it only shows emotional measurement of depression nonetheless fail in taking the consideration behavioral measurement. In addition, content validity addresses in the field of vocational testing and academic, where test items need to reflect the knowledge actually required for a given topic area (e.g., history) or job skills (e.g. bookkeeping). One of the most known methods used to measure content validity was created by C. H. Lawshe “subject matter expert raters” (SMEs) is when a panel uses the following questions, such as “Is the skill or knowledge measured by this item ‘essential’, ‘useful, but not essential’, or ‘not necessary’ to the…

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