Essay on Should Companies Embrace Social Business?

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SHOULD COMPANIES EMBRACE SOCIAL BUSINESS? Case Study 1 BUS5460 Management Information Systems Dr. Mark Revels

By: Mark A. Torres

Should companies embrace social business?

Identifying the major that pose a deterrent as to why companies do not embrace social media is comprehensive. In our case study, three distinct issues are raised. Those include low adoption rates by employees, cumbersome features that employees never use, and difficulty to measure the impact that social media has to productivity.
The issue with low adoption rates falls primarily into friendly user manipulation. Many of the people who design the internal social networks are IT department personnel without the
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These companies have a higher percentage of knowledge workers that will have a need to capture data in such a way to add value. The companies launched initiatives, which allowed employees see the commitment on the company had in streamlining information and set a standard. The companies also used an outside source which had developed a product that matched their needs. They were a company that was dedicated to product improvement, which was evident in their semi-annual major software updates. These factors led to a successful launch of social networking software.

Describe one of the following internal business social networks tools in detail: Yammer, Sharepoint, or Salesfore Chatter.
Yammer is a free enterprise social network service that was created in 2008. Yammer is primarily used for private communication within organizations. Yammer is enterprise social software which comprises social and networked modifications to corporate intranets and other classic software platforms used by large companies to organize their communication (Yammer website, 2013). Yammer takes on the likeness of social mega programs like Facebook, where you can create new posts and have them appear on your ‘friends” primary page. Like Twitter where you can hashtag search functions for quick future search posterity. The programs contains employee directories, file sharing ability, collaboration tools, the ability to integrate to Sharepoint, SAP, or Yammer also has apps for iOS

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