Should Companies Come First By John Machens Analysis

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Who should come first? Should company put costumers ahead of investors or put investors over costumers? Stereotypically, most people will think that a great businessman is the one who uses various strategies to grab consumer attention in order to gain the most profit for their companies. Yet, there are also businessmen like John Mackey, who believe that a great businessman is to put the costumers first over profit. However, businessmen John Rodgers disagree and argue that companies should come first in order to satisfy customer needs. Both successful businessmen decides to start a pen war, and they have show their strength and weakness in the use of statistic, writing techniques and their personal experience while emphasizing their point of …show more content…
John Mackey uses many writing technique such as ethos, pathos and logos in order to strengthen his article. John Mackey uses ethos by quoting an American economist Milton Friedman, stating that “the only social responsibility a law-abiding business has is to maximize profits for the shareholders” (Mackey 452) in order to disagree that he is a free market libertarian. Next, he also uses pathos by telling the reader that his company, Whole Food Market, not just only take costumers into consideration, but also the employees, the investors, the vendors, the communities, and the environment as a whole. The use if pathos has makes him to appear as a passionate businessman who shows empathy and sympathy toward everyone. At last, he uses logos by explaining that a company only exist if there are consumer, thus the company has the responsibility to care, to love, and to satisfy the needs of customers. On the other hand, John Rodgers article uses many examples, and personal perspective to directly strike every sentence and word that John Mackey said in order to establish the idea of companies comes first before customers. This has created a sense of bias which makes his point become weak. For example, Rodgers points out that Mackey misunderstands Friedman’s claim, and stating that what Friedman actually means is company “Should deal with all its various constituencies properly in order to maximize long-term shareholder value” (Rodgers 456). Thus, it significantly shows that John Mackey has a greater advantage on writing techniques and therefore it strengthens his

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