Essay on Should College Athletes Be Paid?

2578 Words Nov 15th, 2016 11 Pages
As high school comes, many distractions leave an athlete 's mind to boggle, especially when a girlfriend or boyfriend comes into their life, this can be the number one killer of dreams for them to ever come true. Most kids will fight through the pressures and make it to play in college. Only the most skilled and talented student athletes will participate at this level after high school leaving as the last stepping stone into the world of a professional athlete. At the collegiate level, athletes have become serious and have improved their skills to the point where most are better than professional players that are just waiting their turn to be called up to the big stage. With that in mind, to keep college sports prestige, colleges must come up with a way to keep their athletes interested in playing at their school until they have finished their degrees. College student athletes at the division one level should be paid to play.

When the topic is brought up about how college athletes should be paid to play, more than half of people instantly will disagree and say no way, what for? But have they really looked into all the answers pointing toward it might be a good idea to pay them? It sounds like trying to say give them million dollar contracts and call it a done deal but that is not the case. Aside from the athletic and academic scholarships to pay for tuition, the money they would be receiving would be miniscule to what they could be making if they were working at a job…

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