Essay on Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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“There 's hungry nights where I 'm not able to eat,” said Shabazz Napier, college basketball player for the University of Connecticut who is on an athletic scholarship (Sherman). While his tuition is paid, he cannot afford to eat dinner on occasion. Athletes dedicate all their time into sports and don’t have time for for the essential things like eating. They are isolated from all the regular students and only travel in groups among other athletes. Also, the students rarely see their family and friends. As Jake New states,” 52 percent of college players believe they are going pro. In reality only 2 percent actually make it”(New). Michael Lewis also speaks on the matter, arguing,” College athletes are isolated from the real students who are looking for an education and they are left without education after quitting or complete their eligibility” (Lewis). So if they are handled as if they are in a business why shouldn’t they get a little compensation?
Should college athletes be paid? On one side of the debate people who are for it state it brings in revenue, helps manage their career, and gives them money after college. On the other side people give a counter argument stating that sports wouldn 't be fun, competitive disadvantage for small schools, and students would worry more about their career. Both sides are passionate about their points standing . Those who sided for athletes being paid may be winning this debate though.
Young athletes from disadvantaged backgrounds,…

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