Should Children Tried As Adults Essay

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what is a crime? What age should children tried as adults? the Crime is an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law. The young people should not be tried as adults under age 21 only .If the child is age 14 or older at this time. He or she begins at juvenile court with felony charge as adults. for example, a child killed his parents.he was a young boy his name Daniel. He killed their parents when he was 14 years old. The reason was his parents getting divorced. He Was so aggressive . he watched violent clips online , and horror movies. He entered his mother’s bedroom and smashed her head with a claw hammer. The reason was his parents didn ' treat his mental …show more content…
The children are not understand everything. The law liable the parents when their children are commit crimes , they arrested or get a ticket from breaking the law.For example,The parents teaches his children to do something illegal .Like to steal some things from a shop or a store . The parents held criminally liable for the actions of their children. The parents are responsible about their children for many things in the life. The parents do not leave teenage alone for hours. The children can destroy anything. the resources show the parents should not be liable for simple crime for their children. But the parents should be criminally liable for the murderer acts of minor .The juvenile system should not tried the young people as adults in court because they are minor, and they are not responsible about their crimes. The parents have responsibility with …show more content…
The children just copy their parents without understanding for doing the crimes.The parents are responsible about their children action.For the children who commit the crimes needs a rehabilitation programs to help them for changing the children behaviour. The parents should control their children. Dont leave the teenage alone because they have mental illness.We should not be tried the children as adults because they have a future,It is not fare when the teenage spend 20 years with the adults in courts. The children are simple don 't understands the crimes . the parents and the schools should teach them do the write things. Study , read books in their free time. I Think if the children are busy all the time don 't think for do the crime.The parents have to help their children for know the right things . The children should not tried as adults because they are not big enough to understand the crimes. they need help like rehabilitate programs to change their behaviour if they had bad behaviour or bad altitudes.finally the children should tried as a child not as

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