Should Children Be Initiated Technology Since Younger Age? Essay example

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Should children be initiated to technology since their younger age ?

Nowadays, technology has an essential place in our lives, whether it is in term of information, education or social life. Consequently, children are initiated to technologies increasingly early. And this fact brings the question of the consequences of this early connection to a cyber world on children growth. So in this essay we will ask ourselves about whether or not it is good to let children use technology since their younger age.
First of all, we will wonder if technologies can help with their education. Then we will study the social behavior of children generated by the digital world and finally we will talk about the dangers created by this new world.

We see a lot of new devices appear in children’s educational environment, whether at school or outside, but is this really a way of helping them growing ?
Many studies have been done to answer this question and a lot of professors have stated that technology indeniably benefits children’s learning. For toddlers (under five years old), learning from screens helps them apprehend words faster and the more interactive the screen is the best the child responds. Some also says that computers, tablets, etc aid cognitive development since it’s a motivation to spend more time on the tasks. With the right tools, these devices are a way for kids to work independently at their own paces consequently it can improve their self-esteem.
But this kind of learning…

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