Should Celebrities Be A Higher Moral Standard? Essays

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Should Celebrities Be Held to a Higher Moral Standard Since They Are Often Viewed as Role Models by Children and Teens? Almost everyone in the entire world has seen a movie or TV show and seen a character and wanted to be like them. Some examples are children tend to see super heroes as role models and tend to say things like “I want to be like Spiderman when I grow up.” Or, “Batman is my hero and I want to be like him.” Things like that, and teens see movies where they want to imagine that they are a certain character in romance movies or in action movies where the main character is being “super cool.” This then raises the question, should the celebrities who perform on stage or star in movies or write books be held to a higher moral standard due to being considered as role models to children and teens? The answer is plain and simple. Celebrities should absolutely be held to a higher moral standard and this essay will inform everyone why.
Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s. She is a very good example of a good role model and an even better example of a bad one. This is just one of many instanced that Miley has worn some rather questionable attire. Now a lot of people say “you’re allowed to express yourself.” You’re correct, you are, but as, arguably one of the most famous celebrities in a long time, there are certain things you shouldn’t show up to a public affair in and a “dress” showing cleavage with a mouse face winking and licking its mouth in such a way that it is…

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