Should Capital Punishment Be Abolished? Essay

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In 1972 the Supreme Court issued a moratorium on the death penalty. Three years later in 1975 William F. Buckley writes an article that was published in Execution Eve and Other Contemporary Ballads discussing and counter arguing abolitionists about the death penalty and its effects. Buckley writes the article to try and convince people the moratorium must be lifted. Buckley believes it’s better to sacrifice the life of the convicted criminal rather than risk the lives of an unknown amount of innocent people. “If we had certainty, we would not have risks- and we do- better to risk the life of the convicted man than risk the life of an indefinite number of innocent victims who might survive if he were executed.”
Buckley begins with an assertion to set the mood of a dire situation: “There is a national suspense over whether capital punishment is about to be abolished, and the assumption is when it comes it will come from the Supreme Court.” Buckley wants to make the readers feel uniformed by saying the US is in suspense, and to draw them into reading more of his article. Buckley continues by informing the readers of what is currently happening in the US due to the moratorium. “Meanwhile, (a) the prestigious State Supreme Court of California has interrupted executions, giving constitutional reasons for doing so [.]” Buckley uses the word prestigious to describe the State Supreme Court of California because of how large a state California is, and because the State Supreme court…

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