Should Animals Be Used For Research? Essay

743 Words Sep 14th, 2016 3 Pages
There is rarely a time when medical progress is made without raising ethical questions. These questions are not limited to the use of human subjects or the use of emerging technologies. These questions extend to the use of non-human animals in research. Research that mainly benefits human ends. While concern for the use of animals in research continues to grow, I think that supporters and critics of animal rights have focused on the wrong question i.e. whether it is ethically justifiable to use animals as subjects in scientific research if they experience human-like qualities such as pain. Instead of arguing for the affirmative or negative for this question, I focus my attention on whether the question matters. In other words, why do human beings have to question the moral status of animals at all to determine whether animals should be used in research? In reframing the question, I argue that animals should not be used in research. My argument is built by briefly exploring human existence and moral worth. My argument begins with the term human. Humans are animals, that is a fact. Yet, there are some people who think that human beings belong in a separate category distinct from animals because of “higher functions.” While I recognize differences between humans and non-human animals (a point that I will come back to later in the essay), we should not think of ourselves as superior. Part of human existence is to experience just how small we are in the world. To see our life in…

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