Essay about Should Animals Be Held Captive Or Not?

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There is a big controversy whether wild life should be held captive or not, Sea World specifically has gotten a lot of bad attention because of all the trainer and killer whale incidents. The way they keep their killer whales contained is also a big part of why Seaworld is getting bad attention. Seaworld has come out with a new commercial telling people that they are not a bad place and how the animals are being treated great there. From what has been said the whales that are kept captive do not have enough space, Animals show signs of aggression and depression when given limited space and little contact with others of their kind. Orcas are a lot like humans, they live in families and when not held in captivity their lifespan is similar to humans as well (24:57). It is sad that Seaworld does not treat their animals right, especially because all their commercials make it seem like there is nothing wrong and how they take great care of their animals. From the documentary Blackfish anyone can clearly see how Seaworld hides a lot of things not only to the public but also to the trainers who are actually working with these animals face to face. These complex creatures need to have an open area and have the ability to socialize, that is why should not be kept captive, they are huge animals that need more space than just a tank.
Seaworld and other places alike should not have large marine animals held in captivity, especially if they can not provide the large amount of space they…

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