Essay about Shortening of Words and Their Features

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On the topic: Shortening of words and their features

Done by: Kudratova L.
Group 309

Checked by: Muminov O. M

Tashkent 2013

I. Introduction.
1.1. Common characteristics of the course paper
2.1. General definition of homonyms
II. The Main Part
1.2. Shortening of spoken words
2.2. Blendening of words
3.2. Back formation
4.2. Back formation as a source for shortening of words
III. Conclusion
1.3. Total review of the subject discussed
2.3. The ways of
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The main part bears the eight points in itself. The first point explains the shortening of spoken words in particular. The second item analyzes the phenomenon of graphical abbreviations and acronyms. In the third point we study abbreviations as the major way of shortening. In the fourth paragraph of the course paper we deal with the secondary ways of shortening: sound interchange and sound imitation. The fifth paragraph takes into consideration the question of Blendening of words. The sixth item shows us the back formation examples. The last paragraph of the main part analyzes the homonymy influence onto the appearing of shortening. The conclusion of the course paper sums up the ideas discussed in the main part (the first item) and shows the ways of implying of the course paper (in the second item).

2.1 General definition of homonyms

Word-building processes involve not only qualitative but also quantitative changes. Thus, derivation and compounding represent addition, as affixes and free stems, respectively, are added to the underlying form. Shortening, on the other hand, may be represented as significant subtraction, in which part of the original word is taken away. The spoken and the written forms of the English language have each their own patterns of shortening, but as there is a constant exchange between both spheres, it is sometimes difficult to tell where a given shortening really originated. SHORTENING OF WORDS AND MINOR

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