Short Writing Essay: Tomorrow Is Never Promised

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Tomorrow Is Never Promised Tomorrow is never promised. Sadly, I was taught this lesson from a horrible accident that involved my younger sister nine years ago. There was a period of eleven days in the fall of 2007 that will forever be vividly etched in my memory, and a lesson that will never be forgotten.
It was a beautiful, cool October Saturday. The leaves had traded their deep rich greens for vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges. Some had even made their fall to the ground turning brown and becoming crunchy. The air was filled with the smell of small camp fires burning and a delicious chicken stew that had been cooking all day waiting to be devoured. Conversations of the last trail to take for the night and laughter filled the hollow. It
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It was a clear, beautiful night with the stars sparkling up in the dark sky. A phone rang interrupting the peacefulness of the dark night. There has been an accident. Everyone rushed back to camp. My husband and I climbed into the truck and took off up the curvy mountain road, hoping to be able to help. Upon arriving, there was a flood of red flashing lights, an ambulance was already there, but who was inside is still unknown. My sister’s boyfriend came running up to me, tears in his eyes, hands shaking, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” My heart sank and my mind went wild. Was my sister okay? The paramedics would not let me in the ambulance. A state trooper calmly and carefully informed me that Air Care was on the way; she needed to be to airlifted to Baptist Hospital. She had severe head trauma, and we would not know more until she got to the hospital.
The ride from Wilkes County to Forsyth County that night was the longest of my life. When my husband and I finally arrived, our family was already there, and many of our friends had made the long drive as well. The waiting room was full yet filled with an eerie silence. They had my sister already in the back. She had to be sedated because she had become combative by no choice of her own. The trauma to her head and brain had caused severe swelling and she had no control over her actions. This was the safest approach for her and the medical

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