Short Term Memory Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Moreover, the fact that they were all university students makes the study slightly bias due to the fact that university students are inclined to have the best memory, as they train their memory to remember things because they have to know facts for their exams. In 1997 Marsh et al suggested that if participants are not aware that they are part of a study, forgetting what they have seen could occur after two seconds.
Dissimilarly, Naime et al (1999) suggests that short term memory can last up to ninety-six seconds, unless other information interferes by replacing it. He conducted a study by asking participants to recall the same items over a set amount of trials, unlike other studies where participants were asked to recall
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Jacobs in 1887 conducted a study on how much our short term memory is capable of holding. He used a wide age range in his study to ensure that it was not biased due to age. He read a list of either letters or numbers (all with one syllable –‘w’ and ‘7’ were excluded) out loud. He increased the amount of numbers/letters that he read until those participating could only remember fifty percent of them. Jacobs discovered that participants could recall nine digits, whereas they could only recall seven letters. This could be because there were only eight possible digits to be read out whereas there were twenty-five possible letters. He also found that short term memory increased when the participant was older. Jacobs came to the conclusion that short term memory has a capacity of five to nine digits, and that age has an effect on it. Age could have an effect because as we get older we have to remember more, so out memory is continuously being trained to remember

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