Short Story : ' The Perfect Baby ' Essay

2017 Words Dec 6th, 2016 9 Pages
Imagine a charming, bouncing baby girl named McKenzie. She has a head full of hair and angelic blue eyes. McKenzie’s parents were so overjoyed with her progress especially since she was developing accordingly. She uttered her very first word at twelve months and stood up for the first time, not long after just three months later. McKenzie was the referred to by her parents as "the perfect baby", until five days following her third birthday. McKenzie began to lose her words. She was no longer appreciating the company of parents, her senior brother, or even the family pet. McKenzie would sit for quite a long time gazing at the turning wheels of her Barbie truck and at the connections on the K 'nex building set as opposed to driving the car or assembling the blocks to construct something. She was no longer mimicking the interesting faces her parents once made. If they were to wonder about her whereabouts, chances are she would be sitting in between the loveseat and the wall. She was uncomfortable with gentle touches, and she no longer reacted to being called by her name. Confounded and irate, McKenzie’s parents took her in for a checkup and demanded an explanation. McKenzie’s parents were not willing to acknowledge the diagnosis of the pediatrician, who said "there was nothing he could do". McKenzie’s parents inquired about what the pediatrician said was wrong with McKenzie and they regarded that the pediatrician was incorrect. After familiarizing themselves with the disorder,…

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