Autism: The Effects And Effects Of Vaccinations For Children

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“Autism is a disorder characterized by a lack of social engagement impaired communications skills and the presence of repetitive behaviors that can impair a child’s ability to make friends, bond with family members and express wants and needs”(Bruey, 2004). Before Autism was named, our ancestors did not know what it was. Children were locked up in the house or put away in institutions and label it as being mentally retarded.” Eugene Bleuler a Swiss psychiatrist, was the first to use the term in 1911, refer to one in the group symptoms of schizophrenia” ( It was until the 1940’s when doctors started using the word autism because they found that it was an emotional and social issue. Many thought the person was just insane.
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This drug was used to help with epilepsy and bipolar disorder to control the onset of migraine headaches. Another drug called thalidomide was a narcotic use as a sleeping pill, and it was also a factor known to cause birth defects. The most controversial one of them all is vaccinations for children. Because of the age of the vaccinations or childhood shots. News media can report things that will have the public scared out their wits. Reports where given about vaccines that they could cause autism. Without the given facts many parents believed this and until today still do. Fear rose among parent, putting their child at risk and they did not get their children vaccinated. Believing that’s when Autism can show up and parents believe that, it is the main cause of the disease. Autism is a very unique disease, and can be detected between the ages of 18 months and 3 years old. Doctors cannot pinpoint it, but they have come as close as they can with determining when it will show up. The first three years of a child’s life which will affect their brain, communication and social skills. Autism is now considered a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by three types of observable features a) behavioral deficit in social awareness and reciprocity b) behavioral deficit in producing and understanding communication and language c) behavioral excesses in the display of odd, repetitive behaviors and interest(DSM-IV-TR: American Psychiatric …show more content…
Another definition that brings understanding of this disease for Autism Spectrum disorder “is a serious neurodevelopmental disorder that impairs child’s ability to communicate and interact with others. That includes restricted, repetitive behaviors, interests, and activities” (Mayo Clinic, 2015).
Autism is like a household name, very common and the most missed diagnosed disease there is. Autism is considered as a spectrum because each person has their own distinctive trait and feature. “Diagnosing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be difficult, since there is no medical test, like blood test, to diagnose the disorders. They look at the child’s behavior to make a diagnosis” ( Some parents are in denial with this disease and will not get the early intervention that could help.
We need to educate as much as possible about autism. Autism is a lifelong condition and with early detection, intervention and therapy. This can help to increase skills and abilities to help children grow and reduce the symptoms cause of this disease. Children can learn with the help of others to function normal. With special education classes to assist them in learning new

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