Short Story: The Christmas Angel

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Register to read the introduction… Following that, Jamie asks Landon if he would go around town and retrieve the jars containing money collected for the orphans' Christmas presents.[28] When Landon collects the jars, there is only $55.73, but when he gives the money to Jamie, there is $247.[29] Jamie buys gifts for the orphanage, and Landon and Jamie spend Christmas Eve there.[30] Jamie's Christmas gift to Landon is her deceased mother's Bible.[31] As they get in the car to go home, Landon realizes his true feelings for her. "All I could do is wonder how I'd ever fallen in love with a girl like Jamie Sullivan."[32] He invites her to his house for Christmas dinner. The next day Landon visits Jamie at her house, where they share their first kiss on her porch.[33] Afterward, Landon asks Hegbert if they can go to Flavin's, a local restaurant, on New Year's Eve. While Hegbert initially refuses, after Landon declares his love for Jamie,[34] Hegbert allows …show more content…
It’s starting from two young people who first are strangers and then find themselves unexpectedly fall in love with each other. In 1958, Beaufort, North Carolina, seventeen-year-olds Landon Carter who is a popular and rich kid in the community planned to study at University of Carolinas after he graduated. His first girlfriend is Angela, but unfortunately they are not last. Therefore, Landon and Jamie live in two completely different worlds. Jamie Sullivan is a quiet and kind and bookish girl whom he has known many years but rarely ever spoken with. This changes when Landon needs a date for the homecoming dance. All the girls he knows already have dates and finally he has no other possibility than asking Jamie. Surprisingly, she agrees, although her father doesn’t like Landon at all. The party day is coming and they have fun together lots. After the dance, Jamie asks Landon to play one of the main roles in a Christmas play that her father has written. Landon doesn’t want to but he agrees nevertheless. When the rehearsals start, Landon and Jamie spend a lot of time together, and the more Landon knows about Jamie, the more he understands and even likes her. He even walks Jamie home every night. On the evening when the play is performed, he seen Jamie as a very beautiful lady and he realized he

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